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5:25pm 02-12-2017
Lieber Teb
bei uns war gestern erste mal in diesen Winter Schnee
und sofort geschmolzen ,es ist aber schade.
Sonnst bei mir ist alles in grünen bereich.
Ich wünsche Dir alles gutes und Einen wunderschönen Valentinstag,
genießt die Liebe und lass Dir gut gehen

Herzlichen Gruß Gisela

6:39pm 02-03-2017
Finally the month of February and the days are a little longer that if cold but well it is necessary to have warm heart to take it better that it passes a great weekend in the company of its dear good night.Angeles

4:27pm 01-31-2017
Bonjour Teb, je vous souhaite une bonne soirée. Amusez vous bien.
Dion de Belgique.
6:35pm 01-30-2017
Lieber Teb
Ich wünsche Dir schöne Woche und lass Dir gut gehen
Lieben Gruß Gisela

7:32pm 01-27-2017
We are already at the gates of the month of February and his last weekend with much cold and rain pro good is what touches we are in winter I wish you a full weekend and warm greetings from your friend Angels good night and happy start of week

9:14pm 01-14-2017
Good evening my appreciated friend already I am here again visiting your site to know how it is. Many thanks for your visit and your precious graphics a greeting from Spain for you and your family
Good rest.
8:18pm 12-30-2016
Lieber Teb
Ein neues Jahr voll neuer Träume, neuer Hoffnung, neuer Chancen
wünsche ich Dir von ganzem Herzen! Die allerliebsten Grüße von Gisela
PS:danke für deine Freundschaft und alle schöne Einträge

8:00pm 12-30-2016
This year I became a millionaire because I have the most valuable treasures that are the family and their friendship. That the new year that starts is better than the past good night.

3:48pm 12-29-2016
3:59pm 12-24-2016
Joyeux Noël mon cher !

10:24pm 12-23-2016
Bells everywhere, tell us that Christmas has already arrived, in heaven the angelic choir is made to hear, peace and love for humanity! Your friend Angeles and family wishes you a happy holiday in the company of family and friends.

4:53pm 12-22-2016
4:52pm 12-22-2016
Lieber Teb
Ich denke in der Ferne an Dich und wünsche Dir
frohe Weihnachten und glückliche Stunden,
und alles Gute für das neue Jahr!

Ich danken Dir für die schöne Freundschaft in diesem Jahr
und hoffe das besteht die auch das Jahr 2017 DANKE FÜR ALLES

Lieben Gruß-Gisela mit Familie

11:02pm 12-16-2016
Again visiting with my weekly visit to wish you a happy Sunday of Advent for you and your family happy weekend good night

1:04am 12-11-2016
My dear friend already again another weekend and is missing less for Christmas ... that fast spend the days. I hope you and your family are all well and healthy preparing the holidays a good Sunday happy week start and a great Sunday And the beginning of the week of his friend Ángeles

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